We apologize for any inconvenience but all services have been moved to www.gfkmrismartsystem.com

Please follow the directions below to gain access.For any questions please contact GfK MRI Client Relations.

NYC:††† 212-884-9299

Chicago: 800-245-1551



University Reporter Clients

If you are a student or a member of faculty at a college or university wanting access to UNIVERSITY REPORTER you must register at the following location: https://www.gfkmrismartsystem.com/Account/RegisterWithCode.aspx


Existing Clients

If you are an existing client and have an account for GfK MRIís Smart System you can log in using your existing credentials.If you do not have a login please contact Client Relations to set up your account.


You can register for a new account at the following location: https://www.gfkmrismartsystem.com/Account/Register.aspx